About Us

We are organic skin care brand . Oh my Gorgeous-organic brings you products which are safe and natural . We make sure that our products are formulated with natural ingredients. Our products are packed in glass jars and we preferably use biodegradable plastic to save the environment. No peraben , synthetic dye or artificial fragrance used .Our priority is make skin care with essential oil or natural scents if needed in any formulation. All the ingredients we use are organically certified or naturally sourced from authentic suppliers to make sure we deliver you world class products .
Our products are globally available.

What we use ?

1)    Carrier oils
2)    Luxurious butters
3)    Vegan waxes
4)    Hydrosol
5)    Natural skin safe vitamins
6)    Fruit enzymes
7)    Essential oils

We don’t use !

1)    Peraben
2)   Synthetic dyes
3)   Synthetic fragrance
4)   Animal fat

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