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Anti aging oil

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Good night gorgeous

Pomegranate oil.
It has high emollient properties that can make it effective moisturiser that prevent environmental
damage to the skin and conditions caused by dry skin. Rejuvenate and reduce appearance of fine line .

Macadamia oil.
Is a fantastic replenishing oil for skin
Moisturiser barrier. Palmitoleic acid promotes younger liking skin .

Rosehip oil.
Reduce the visible signs of ageing .

Argon oil.
Protect from sun damage . Moisturise skin , treat number of skin conditions .heals skin from infections.
It’s has anti ageing effects too . Reduce oiliness .

Emollient soften your skin ,work by trapping moister in your skin and forming protective layer so the
moister can’t escape . Add sheen to skin that’s light and non greasy .

3 reviews for Anti aging oil

  1. Warisha Zain (verified owner)

    Omg im so glad I found this night oil. It reduced my hyperpigmentation and dark spots. I highly recommend it! 💯

  2. Warisha Zain (verified owner)

    This is a very nice product by Tehreem’s. Looking forward for more 🙂

  3. Nahid Ali

    Amazing product. ♥️

    • admin

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