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Day oil

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Bright side oil ingredients details

Argon oil.
Protect from sun damage . Moisturise skin , treat number of skin conditions
heals skin from infections. It’s has anti ageing effects too . Reduce oiliness .

Jojoba oil.
Good moisturiser for skin . It has antioxidant properties smooths and penetrate
in skin since it’s noncomedogenic less likely to build breakouts .

Apricot oil.
Softens skins , promote radiance provides deep nourishment and strengthen skin .

Emollient soften your skin ,work by trapping moister in your skin and forming protective
layer so the moister can’t escape . Add sheen to skin that’s light and non

1 review for Day oil

  1. Warisha Zain

    This product is very effective as a primer before makeup and also in daytime. 👏🏻

    • admin

      Thanks for liking the product. stay connected for more up coming products.

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